Solving the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube

Before you read this step by step guide/cookbook for solving the 3×3 cube, I advice you to watch this 10 minute video which explains how people were able to solve it without any help: Rubik’s Cube Theory: Commutators,  then decide if you want to do it on your own or use the guide below:
  • Form the cross on the bottom layer, matching the edge color to both the bottom and the side middle cube. This step is intuitive and gets faster with practice.
    • Hint: the center cubes are fixed, so its all rotational movement. Also: don’t be afraid to rotate a solved part out of the way, in order to get another piece correct. Just make sure to move it back afterwards.

Bottom Cross

  • Pair the bottom corner with the correct edge of the 2nd layer on the top layer and then slot it in the correct place
    • This can be done intuitively solving the first two layers at the same time this in combination with the cross in step 1 is called the Fridrich Method / Fridrich F2L tutorial vid
    • Or by first placing the bottom corner correctly and then placing the edge using one of the following algorithms:

  • Orientation Last Layer (OLL) Goal is to form the cross on the top layer, depending on the starting position use the following algorithms. If you don’t have one of the two patterns as starting position perform one of the two algorithms to flip some edges to get one of the patterns.

OLL flip edges

After the cross the goal is to form a fish (flip one corner) and then to turn the 3 remaining corner cubes facing with the correct color up. For that we use the following algorithm that flips the corners as shown in the figure:

OLL Fish Pattern

Make sure you have the correct side in front of you so that it flips the right colors. First perform it to get 1 corner color oriented correct, forming the fish pattern (cross + 1 corner in the same color) then perform the same algorithm once or twice to get the remaining 3 corners flipped, make sure before performing it to have the right side in front of you.

  • Postioning of the Last Layer (PLL), now that all cubes of the top layer are facing the right direction the following algorithms can be used to position the edges and corners correctly. Performing them backwards rotates the cubes the other way around:

Rotating edges
  • Solved! For more information on how about solving the rubik’s cube, other methods, getting faster, tutorials, mathematics etc. check out the following pages:

great site with lots of tutorials, video’s, tips and tricks!
equally great site with focus on understanding the cube in order to solve it
you can find lots of video tutorials here! ( I recommend this beginner video click )
check how fast you really are!
This tutorial on 1 A4 for print out: Tutorial Solving 3×3 Rubik’s Cube
Additional notes:
  • Recognize patterns. Going slower makes you faster, because in the beginning this takes time but once you got them this skill makes you faster.
  • Plan ahead. Just like you decide which move to make in chess by looking ahead for the best outcome, with cubing you are looking ahead for the least amount of moves to get you to a solved cube. For example whilst deciding on the moves of the cross choose the moves that help you set up for an easy f2l solve.
  • Memorize color locations. Since the center cubes are fixed it also helps to memorize their locations at any given orientation so that you won’t have to turn the cube (= time consuming) while solving.
  • Be flexible. This is just one method to solve the cube, check out others which can be completely different or combinations of different techniques. Knowing different techniques enables you to switch to the fastest method/strategy during solving.
  • Practice practice practice!
If you have any questions or comments feel free to post a comment!
Some extra algorithms you can use to get faster:

Extra OLL and PLL algorithms

3 Comments on “Solving the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube”

  1. Sylvester says:

    Hi, i just cannot solve the last corner piece. I do not know how to flip and arient it in the right location. Please help me.


  2. franc says:

    c’est interessant , merci pour l’info !!

  3. restu says:

    mas klo buat kuningnya yang cepat gna ???????

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