What I like about WordPress

Wordpress Logo

When I started with a blog on WordPress I first was attracted by:

  • The ease of posting articles without building an own website
  • Clean Layout
  • Free (obviously)

Thus I started a blog, mainly for myself and friends. I wasn’t going to write much until I discovered the statistics feature of WordPress. Which showed me that there were actually quite some views. I know views can be anything, from an automated computer view to a 2 seconds ‘oh this is not it’ view. But here comes the best part, the statistic also shows what people used as search engine terms to stumble upon the article. Judging from those search terms I’m estimating that at least 10% found it useful. Encouraging me to write some more articles and improve the current ones. Adding the following pro points to the list:

  • Statistics (search terms)
  • Relatively high rankings on search engines <- important for views, great article with no views is like a top product without any marketing

However I should note that I don’t write ‘for’ views, its a nice side feature.

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