I’ve just started learning Python as a programming language. What attracted me was the fact that its supposedly easy to learn and its clear syntax makes it easy too quickly build programs without getting sucked into the hardcore programming, debugging and optimizing jungle which other languages tend to do. This gives you more time to tinker about the problem to solve or functionality you want the program to have rather than wasting time wrestling with code.

I just started with it so I’ll be updating this post along the way.

So far I’ve used:

Core Python Programming by Wesley J. Chun, excellent book for beginner programmers, however there are also a lot of free good tutorials online but I like to have a hardcopy in front of me so I’ve got this from the library., download python here and also lots of links to tutorials, add-on to convert .py code into executables (.exe) , although it seems that it only works if your project file is in the same path (e.g. C:\Python25\

Still have to check out:

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