Installing the Linksys WRE54G Wireless Expander

Linksys WRE54G

I bought a repeater to get that little extra reach enabling Internet access in the garden. Since I already had a Linksys WRT54G router I thought it would be easy if I also bought a repeater of the same brand. However the easy setup steps as noted in the ‘quick’ installation booklet ‘quickly’ stranded at step 3d with an ‘survey failed’ error meaning the wireless router couldn’t find the repeater. Of course I wouldn’t be the first nor the last to encounter such problems and a quick search on the internet gave me the following solution:

1) The network was up and running under WPA secure mode when I did this also I had my pc directly connected via an ethernet cable to the router.

2) Plug expander into wall socket, I did not push config button, don’t pay attention to the lights on the expander.

3) Run an ethernet cable from your router to the expander via the ethernet port below the lights on the expander. //cable included in the WRE54G box

4) Open up 2 browsers on your hardwired computer, one browser at (router) and the second browser at (expander) //password is ‘admin’, leave userid blank

5) Set the SSID and subnet mask on the expander, the same as the router. // <— important the same!!  using the same SSID name will show only 1 wireless network in your wireless connection options however the signal strength of your network will have increased.

6) Go to edit security settings on your expander, type in the security key that is in your router, and save settings on the expander. A couple redlight flashes and you should have two blue ones, your ready to move the expander anywhere to get a signal.

7)If you get a IP conflict when moving the expander, unplug and plug back in // happened to me, besides unplugging I also had to switch on/off the wireless on my laptop.

Thanks to the post here.

On a side note: I’ll be only powering the repeater on when I am in the garden since I already have a cellphone tower nearby emitting enough energy (mW/cm^2, power density) of which the long term effects, if existent, are not clear.

7 Comments on “Installing the Linksys WRE54G Wireless Expander”

  1. Larry Cook says:

    On setting up the wre54g you give browser addresses to use . How do you do that? I’m a novice and don’t understand how to change browser addresses.

  2. Russ Lynch says:

    i can’t get to the login page
    by typing in the address in the address
    how do you get that to work?

    • fl0g says:

      If your router is connected correctly to your PC then you can access it by using this IP number: in your browser. If its not working then the router might not be connected correctly or not be on at all or but unlikely it has another IP-adress (though the one used is the standard one)

  3. Show My IP says:

    I’m unsure if I agree with everything written but this was definitely informative and written nicely.

  4. P1 Ahmad says:

    The post is very helpful when I found it over yahoo on Sunday by my search for russian lady. I have got your blog now in my bookmarks and I will pay a visit to your website again, before long. Take care.

  5. Michael says:

    Ok, this post actually cleared up an issue for me, however I found another quirk about this repeater. The default static IP is If your routers default IP is not in that range i.e. DLink then you must change your default router IP to an address in range i.e., this is the only way I could get this device running and it works like a champ. I did notice that the unit will only work after being configured from your router in this manner if the site survey fails, I did not try the site survey after putting the router in the same address range but I do believe that this would fix that issue as well.

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