Writing with LaTeX

Just started writing with LaTeX which from what I understand lets you focus on the content and automatically sets the layout, typesetting etc. correct based on templates you use.

Basically the system is as follows, LaTeX uses 3 files

  • YourDocument.tex, this is where you write your content
  • LetterClassic.sty, this is the stylesheet with predefined settings of font, size and position. Basically an instance of a class
  • Letter.cls, the class with its definitions and functions

you mostly work in the *.tex document, if you want to tweak some settings you can either try an overwrite command directly in your *.tex document or you can make changes in the *.sty or *.cls files. But if you are bound to a specific class and style for example an article for a magazine you only have to worry about the *.tex file.

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