Thoughts on Fashion

Fashion shows: all about exposure of new and or improved designs, goal of fashion shows is basically to bounce of ideas to the public and other designers.

– Fashion can be made anywhere, by anywhom (not just NY, Paris etc.) provided there is sufficient media exposure.  //Update:  Interesting site:, people sharing photos of their street fashion.

– Fashion can be designed locally, small scale and limited quantities opening up a new level: micro-design shops.

– Current focus on US and European design, larger market opportunities are in Asia (India, China), cultural clothing styles either modernized and/or fusion with other styles.

– You either sell limited editions sets and sell that at exclusive prices (haute couture / bespoke) or make ‘ready to wear’ (prêt-à-porter / off rack)  lines which are mass produced factory clothing of which the style is more evolved around wearability albeit sometimes less durable and fitting because of the use of standard sizes and cheaper materials

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