Java ME, A mobile Rubik’s Cube Timer

CubeMobile on a Nokia Phone

CubeMobile on a Nokia Phone

So here’s my first MIDlet or mobile java mobile edition program for mobile phones.  I wanted to have a Rubik’s Cube scrambler and timer application on my phone so I could cube on the road. It’s very basic and doesn’t include a database with highscores and averages maybe I’ll include that in the future.

You can download the application here (rightclick, /saveas):


Update 1:  ‘Whoops’

Someone pointed out the scramble function had a flaw (making neutral moves), heres the corrected version: (right-click, /save as)

Thanks for trying it out, over 900 downloads.  I wrote this program because I couldn’t find one, perhaps by now there are good timers for the phone out there. If so leave a link in the comments!



25 Comments on “Java ME, A mobile Rubik’s Cube Timer”

  1. Crashbug says:

    Nice program! I can’t wait for the newer version with average and high score.

  2. Crashbug says:

    i can’t install it on my nokia 6600. it says “unable to install, invalid version”. need help

  3. fl0g says:

    Probably a MIDP version error (the program runs on MIDP2.0), I don’t have a solution for it right now, when I have some time Ill try to build it on MIDP1.0.

  4. xyborg says:

    could it be installed in my nokia 6070?

  5. […] – bookmarked by 5 members originally found by ncruiser on 2008-10-24 Java ME, A mobile Rubik’s Cube Timer – bookmarked by 1 members […]

  6. damasta says:

    downed and installed
    the scrambler works, but the timer runs too slow

  7. fl0g says:

    Interesting, the timer runs on time on my phone, what kind of phone do you have?

  8. kaixax555 says:

    Hi. Loved your new timer. It works nicely. I can’t wait for the future updates. Can you add cube inspection timer too? If you could do so that would be great.

  9. Malot3 says:

    This is just what I needed. Thank you very much!

    Now I can be cubing everywhere hahah.

  10. Goblin says:

    It doesn’t work and I nedd it!!
    I can’t download it

  11. fl0g says:

    Goblin, I think the host ( where the file is stored was down during that time.

  12. Ambrosia says:

    Thank you!but,i want a newer version…
    When u create the version that contains a average data?(sorry i’m indonesian)

  13. Lucifer says:

    There’s one for the iPhone and one for Windows mobile. I think you should refine your application. Get a team together and go for it man!

    FYI: iPhone and Windows mobile Timers can be found on the forums


  14. Lucifer says:

    Oh yeah, and put in a function where you can specify which button acts as a start/stop. Some phones like the N79 have really teeny softkeys making it hard to be precise.

  15. Lucifer says:

    The corrected version is making neutral moves as well. The timer is not visible after starting the time. Time is displayed only after stopping the timer.

  16. RiDo says:

    Installed on Nokia 5800
    Yeah.. the time is visible only after stopping it.
    Also, my nokia screen shuts off after 10 sec n screen locks. can u override it so that i dont have to unlock n then stop the timer 😛
    nice try

  17. Peter says:

    Can you make it so that the stop button can be any button. This would make it a lot quicker to stop the timer after solving.

  18. cubeLOVER says:

    how many scramble in this application??

  19. Lucifer says:

    Looks like this dude is inactive :\

  20. rasyeda says:

    Nice apps bro.
    Could we have the source code?

  21. 320 says:

    The newer version also makes neutral moves, like in your image on the top: B’ F2 B’

  22. rohit says:

    if it doesnt work on symbian mobiles….try installing it in phone memory…it worked on my mob…

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